Another Casual Outfit And Cute Okinawa Cafes

Top: Jeans, Bag: Old Navy // Hat, Belt, Bracelet, Shoes: F21 // Necklace: JCrew Factory 

*Disclaimer: I tried to push this post out back in December before 2020, but I didn't make it. Haha!! 

*And another disclaimer: this pink establishment is one of my favorite places to pose in front of! I actually have never been inside this bar/coffee shop because it is always closed and when it was open, it was TOO quiet...(insert LMAO emoji, yes I love emojis...) But if you scroll down, I will show you 2 of my favorite cafes in American Village in Okinawa...and you can also check out other bell sleeve tops under $100...

I truly believe statement sleeve tops are underrated! I love them, but I don't know why I don't own many...

On this day, I went to eat lunch at Vongo & Anchor, and dessert at Timeless Chocolate Bar. Here is what part of American Village looks like...this is over by the ocean side...

I love Vongo & Anchor because they have delicious salads, sandwiches and variety plates. They did raise their prices a bit though, which kinda made me sad.... :( 
I'd have to say one of my favorite parts of this cafe is the dried eucalyptus hung on the walls...
That fragrant scent is like no other! 

After lunch was dessert at Timeless Chocolate Bar. My sister had the Raspberry Chocolate Frappe and I had the Raspberry Chocolate Drink, which are winter seasonal flavors. 
And again the best part of this place:
The chocolate AROMA!!!
If you haven't noticed by now, I'm big on smell!!! hahahahaaaa

I love dessert and I am always up for any cafe with desserts. :)  Drinks and etc at Timeless Chocolate are on the pricier side, but if you REALLY love chocolate and want to indulge, then you should just go for it. :) 

Thanks for reading and if you love bell sleeve tops like I do, here are some of my favorites under $100! :) 

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