And Just Like That, I Did Not Blog in 2022...



My last blog post was in January of 2021.

I really, really, really, neglected my blog this year, but I suppose with good reason. There was a lot going on this year: around summer of 2021, our time in Okinawa was coming to an end, and we thought we were gonna have to pack up and leave for the US...then it turned out we were able to stay in Okinawa after all...indefinitely. We moved off base and everything worked out. I feel like the first half of the year was superrrr stressful due to the fact that we did not know what was coming; now things have calmed down a bit so we are now able to truly ENJOY life now. :) 

Oh you know how I am always vague about things around here, but it's because I don't/can't go into too much details. :) If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see I'm much more active on there...does anyone even read blog posts anymore anyways?? 😂


2022 has been a good year. 😌

We went on a family trip to Tokyo during Memorial Day weekend and just recently we went back to the states to see family in Florida! 7 years since we did a real visit to see family and do fun stuff! 

I will leave you all with a lovely selfie I took at a Target dressing room 😮 maybe I'm easily impressed, but I don't remember Target dressing rooms being that fancy....😂 hey it was the first time being back after 7 years...! 

Hopefully I will put out another post before the year ends!! 💞 

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