How To Wear Animal Prints When You Hate Animal Prints

Sweater and Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: Fashion Nova 
Bag and Hat: Forever 21 

"But why would you wear animal prints if you HATE it?!"

This really seems like a no-brainer right? 
Even if you really hate animal prints, I think everyone can find a certain 'type' of animal print that they just have to find it.
I hate the 'obnoxious' kind, or the reallllly crazy looking animal printed stuff...
I'm not too fond of most animal prints but I do have a 2 sweaters, a skirt and a couple of shoes in animal print...I like them in small doses.

So how do you wear it if you hate it?!

1. Wear it in small doses. 
2. Don't wear more than 1 piece at a time.
3. Try to keep the rest of your outfit simple or classic looking.
4. Try to find animal prints in the colors that you like. 
5. Try to find animal prints in unique colors...I have a pink sweater that has animal print and it's one of my favorites...

I wore this outfit on a day that was supposed to be cold here on island, but it ended up being 70 degrees so I sweated my butt off! It was still a nice day where I took the kids out to the mall, ate lunch outside,
did some socially distanced window-shopping, and enjoyed my favorite golden bubble milk tea!

I'm trying to find more joy in the little things, as I'm sure everyone is during this global pandemic...
Things here just got more strict with cases going up, so our outings might be a little different and a lot less frequent, but maybe hopefully that means I can spend more time trying to create more blog posts!  

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