Easy outfit

Faux fur vest

Casual Outfit: Blondie tee

Obsession: printed denim and wedge sneakers

Dream outfits

Let's dream a little. Why not. Dreaming is free, although these outfits are not. Here are a few dream outfits I created at http://www.polyvore.com/

My style

Skull print blouse

I dream in Fuchsia

Je t'aime

Forever 21 haul

On a recent online shopping adventure, I was able to save $41.63 at Forever 21's 50% off sale items! I love Forever 21. It's already an affordable place to shop, but the sale on top of the sale was just too good for words. So here are the items I scored! 

Purple/black faux fur vest with leatherette sash
Original price: $42.80
Sale price: $20.99
I PAID: $10.49!
I never really had faux fur anything, and don't usually like it, but the color of this and the sash won me over.

Marine Corps Ball pictures, past and present.

Hello, blog world.

For a long time now, I've been debating with myself on starting a blog. I have wasted countless hours of my day looking through other people's blogs, and enjoying all the pictures and stories. I myself, love pictures, taking pictures, and telling stories. I love to write and I love to talk. Sometimes the talking will turn into endless rambling. So finally, I am doing it....I am blogging! Apparently millions of other people blog...and some of these bloggers are hard-core--as in, devote many hours a day to it. I however, am not so sure I can devote hours a day for this, but I will try my best to keep up!