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Hot Pink strikes again!

Throwback Thursday: Kimono photos

Instead of an outfit post today, I wanted to share some throwback photos with you. :) I've had the privilege of wearing a kimono several times in my life. Although it's not very comfortable and very time-consuming to put on properly, I loved wearing a kimono. :)

These pictures were taken back in 2007, while we lived in Okinawa, Japan. brings back memories...I used to work at a daycare on one of the military bases, and they were doing a special discount for employees to have your pictures taken in kimonos. I jumped on it, and I was glad I did. :) Regular prices to have these photos taken in their studio was just astronomical. The only thing though, was that I wish my youngest daughter were in these photos, but of course, she wasn't born yet. :)

Neutral Colors and 5 Random Facts


Georgia Aquarium

Casual and comfortable

Fly Away

Rebel Without A Cause

I have always loved James Dean.

I've got the Blues...

Skinny jeans vs. Flared jeans

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"True Blue, Baby I love you"

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A few shades of gray...and hot pink!

Christmas in Haiti

Hi everyone! We just returned home a few days ago, sorry for the absence. Like the title says, we spent Christmas in Haiti. It was my first time in Haiti, and also my kids. My husband's family is from Haiti, and we had a great time! My sister in law took great care of us, showed us around, and made sure we had the time of our lives. I'm so thankful for her, and I hope she knows how much I love her! :)