Hot Pink strikes again!

Top, cardigan and sunglasses: F21
Belt: Unknown
Skirt: Old Navy
Heels: Ross
Bag: TJ Maxx
Turban and ring:

Okay, wearing a cute top and jeans just doesn't cut it sometimes.
I know it's the easiest thing to throw on sometimes (most times), and it's 
convenient, but it gets a little boring.
And I don't like boring.
Case in point:
This outfit.
Well it does involve hot pink so it can't be boring right?
I truly love pink, and hot pink is even better.
You could say it's my favorite color, 
but I love any color and will wear almost any color.
Pink and black is also one of my favorite combinations to wear.


Now, to add a little more something-something to this post, I'm going to
list a few of my favorite all-time TV shows.
Well, the ones I remember.
I'm pretty sure I'll unintentionally leave something out.

Seinfeld, Cheers,  FrasierThe Sopranos,
Saturday Night Live, (from the early 90's and before)
The X-Files, Sex and The City,
(The original) Law and Order,
Everybody Loves Raymond, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,
A Different World, Living Single,
In Living Colour,
The Wonder Years, My So-Called Life,
(The original) Beverly Hills 90210,
Melrose Place...

I'm pretty sure I'm leaving many out, but this is all I can
remember right now.
I used to watch a lot of TV.
Not so much anymore.

Most shows today aren't really that funny to me.
Maybe I'm getting old?!?!
There are a few, but...
my sense of humor is strange and I am not 
easily amused I guess.

The only real TV show I like these days 
is Shameless, which is on Showtime.
It's hilarious.
I like to watch a lot of HGTV too. 
But who DOESN'T?!?!

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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  1. How cute! Following you from the Aloha Blog hop!! Happy Friday :)

  2. This is great - the turban really sets it off! Have a fantabulous weekend!

  3. HI! I'm a new follower from the Aloha Blog Hop! I love the hot pink!

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    1. Thank you Diana, I have a Pinterest and bloglovin' if you want to follow me there too.! I'm following you as well. Thanks. :)

  5. I love the top underneath the cardigan! So pretty!

    XO, Kelsey

  6. Hi dear
    I love this hot pink color, it makes me so happy
    and the tshirt is great!

    1. Yes, hot pink makes me really happy too! Thanks Arien! :)

  7. Aloha!! I am your newest follower and you are looking so fab and glam with this outfit!1 Love it:)