It's 2023, Do People Even Read Blogs Anymore?


So, I've had this blog for what seems like a million years, but every year I just slowly stopped posting blog posts because...I don't know it just seemed weird.

And nowadays, everyone's attention span is like 2 seconds and people scroll through Instagram and Tik Tok anyway, does anyone actually READ blog posts anymore?

And I feel like I'm not really sharing or contributing some kind of ground breaking information or 
showing you how to do something spectacular, but then again there are 10 year olds making millions from just making videos of themselves playing with toys...

I'm not saying I started a blog 10 plus years ago to make millions of dollars but it's so weird
how random people doing stupid shit end up making a ton of money from doing so...

Anyways, maybe I should just start doing something really random and post a video...
then I'll be that random idiot doing random idiot stuff...but I'll be a rich random idiot...

Ok, enough rambling.

2023 is almost done--it's already the end of November.

Time is just going by waaaaay too fast and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing...

2023 was a good year, but I feel like every year is a good year, and that's not me being an optimist that's me just loving my life and not taking it for granted.

So to end this post, the only one I did in 2023, I will say maybe just maybe I will attempt to write more than 1 post next year.

If you want to be nosy and see what I post on a regular basis, I live on Instagram.

The picture I posted here are some random outfit selfie pics, (yes I still post some outfit stuff every once in awhile)

See you on Instagram, happy stalking... :/ :/ :/ 

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