Easy outfit

Faux fur vest

Casual Outfit: Blondie tee

Obsession: printed denim and wedge sneakers

What I Wore Wednesday: Teal on Teal

Dream outfits

Let's dream a little. Why not. Dreaming is free, although these outfits are not. Here are a few dream outfits I created at http://www.polyvore.com/

My style

Skull print blouse

I dream in Fuchsia

Je t'aime

Forever 21 haul

On a recent online shopping adventure, I was able to save $41.63 at Forever 21's 50% off sale items! I love Forever 21. It's already an affordable place to shop, but the sale on top of the sale was just too good for words. So here are the items I scored! 

Purple/black faux fur vest with leatherette sash
Original price: $42.80
Sale price: $20.99
I PAID: $10.49!
I never really had faux fur anything, and don't usually like it, but the color of this and the sash won me over.

5 Minute Outfit

Marine Corps Ball pictures, past and present.

Outfits from the past...before blogging

Hello, blog world.

For a long time now, I've been debating with myself on starting a blog. I have wasted countless hours of my day looking through other people's blogs, and enjoying all the pictures and stories. I myself, love pictures, taking pictures, and telling stories. I love to write and I love to talk. Sometimes the talking will turn into endless rambling. So finally, I am doing it....I am blogging! Apparently millions of other people blog...and some of these bloggers are hard-core--as in, devote many hours a day to it. I however, am not so sure I can devote hours a day for this, but I will try my best to keep up!