(Update!)...and it's that time again...Marine Corps Ball 2015

My 2 month absence is due to moving thousands of miles to our new home. Well, maybe not really 'new' since the location of our new home is where I was born and raised. :D

Anyways, we still have a long way to go to settle in, since we just got the rest of our stuff yesterday.
Right now, we are living with boxes everywhere, but we move so often, so this is a normal part of our lives. :) 

Now about that Marine Corps Ball!

Ours is actually coming up very soon, and I ordered my dress online. It should be on its way soon (I hope!) and hopefully I won't need to get alterations! Crossing my fingers!! 

I'm doing another 'what to wear' post for the Marine Corps Ball because it is the most viewed post on my blog! :) 

Here are 3 examples: A red, blue and black gown. Now to be fair, these are just 'guidelines'. 
I've been to 8 Balls over the years, and I've already worn red, blue and black. I personally would not wear these, but these are good examples of what you could wear, along with your makeup, hair and the type of heels and accessories. This is a good guideline maybe for those who have never been to one, or are new to going. Just keep in mind is that this is a FORMAL event, so your dress should be FORMAL as in long or full length.

And stay away from prom like or pageant like dresses.
To be safe, stick with something 'classic' like these examples below.

Marine Corps Ball 2015