Okinawa Love (Pieces Of Home)

I know I usually post about my outfits/fashion/shopping, but I just wanted to dedicate this post to my home. (These photos were previously posted on my Instagram, but I wanted to share them on here as well. :) )

Okinawa is home. I was born and raised here. I've lived here for more than 20 years. This small, unique island will always have my heart. I know many fellow military wives who came here to live for a few years and ended up falling in love. Although technically now part of Japan, this island has a unique culture and language of its own and long ago, it used to be it's own nation, the Ryukyu Kingdom. The history here goes way, WAY back and some of it is very sad, (especially during WWII) but the Okinawans are strong, friendly people. I'm proud to be Okinawan and American, and I'm proud to call this island home. I just came back here a few months ago, after being away from here for 6 years, and everything is magical. Life here is just grand. :)

(This was our view from our hotel room, when we first arrived back in Okinawa. :) )

My 'Keepin' It Real Outfits' And My Shopping (Or Lack Thereof) Confession

My 'Keepin' It Real' Outfits

Alright. Now what are these 'keepin' it real' outfits that I'm talking about?