My 'Keepin' It Real Outfits' And My Shopping (Or Lack Thereof) Confession

My 'Keepin' It Real' Outfits

Alright. Now what are these 'keepin' it real' outfits that I'm talking about?

I'm talking about the kind of outfits that I actually LIKE and wear.
It's usually a shirt with some clever quote or saying or words, or a shirt with some weird, colorful or crazy design, along with some ripped jeans and some kind of wedge sandal or shoe.
It's usually not really the 'trending' stuff you see now, especially with Fall and everyone wearing big ol' scarves and plaid shirts and boots....but where I live right now, in a literal tropical island, it's what's right for me right now! :D

.....with that being is my shopping confession....

Gasp. I (sometimes) blog and (almost everyday) Instagram about outfits and fashion and here I am confessing that my 'shopping' activity has dramatically decreased. My bank account and wallet is probably rejoicing, but I'm actually very surprised with myself.

I used to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories, like several times a month. Since the beginning of this year, I stopped buying so much. I'm gonna go ahead and say it's because of two things: I stopped working full time this year, and I wanted to save money on things I only LOVED, and I realized I didn't LOVE most of the things I saw in stores and online. Bottom line, I got REALLY picky, which I suppose is a good thing.

I also really have A LOT of clothes anyway, so most of the time, it feels like I go 'shopping' in my closet. The other 'problem' with me is that I am EXTREMELY cheap. Like the several items that I did buy before I left the US was like items from TJ Maxx or Ross. Now that I live overseas, my shopping choices are even more limited now, but at the same time, I have some unique options shopping in Okinawa off base. :D

Now with all of that being said....I'm just gonna put it out there that what I see on Instagram leaves me totally uninspired. :(  I see the same scarves, flannel, plaid shirts, and everyone wearing the same necklace, lace up flat shoes, etc, and going crazy over Fall and pumpkins and pumpkin spice latte.....
Bwahahhahahaaaa! Just call me the Grinch of Instagram fashion, or the grumpy cat of Instagram fashion. It's all sort of boring for me. I've seen a 'few' original looking Instagram fashionistas, but for the most part, it's like "yawn".

I'm not being a 'hater', I'm not, but I've never been the type to follow the crowd. And don't get me wrong, I actually like a lot of the necklaces I've seen and I do like those lace up flats, and I drink the pumpkin stuff, but I'm not "obsessed" with anything right now.

What I am 'still' obsessed about are graphic tees with clever quotes on them. Or a really cute print of something. Or something simple and bright, and tops that are shaped and cut well, with a good quality material. Kinda hard to find when your cheap. Hahahahahhaaaa!!!!

And over here is Okinawa, it's not really 'Fall' yet. It's still 70 something degrees, and 'Fall' on an island is kinda different.

So, if I do post any outfit photos, it will most likely be a top. And jeans. Maybe occasionally a maxi skirt. Or leggings. And most likely it will be items from my closet and it won't be something 'brand new' or exactly 'trending' at the moment, like freaking plaid or plaid scarves. :D

Not that there's anything wrong with plaid or plaid scarves.

I hope there are others out there like me who know exactly what I mean!!

:D :D :D

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