Obsession: printed denim and wedge sneakers

Sweater: Ross
Top: Target
Jeans: Target
Wedge sneakers: gojane.com
Chain necklace: Wet Seal

(First off let me just say....please excuse the background of the first photo! It was raining and I was trying to stay as dry as possible..and where I was standing was the only dry spot! So after that, we just took the rest indoors! I would prefer to take these photos with a more beautiful background, but I'm working with what I have!) Anyways...

I'm in love with printed jeans right now, and bright colored jeans. I've been wearing them non-stop! The one I am wearing in the photos above is the Mossimo brand from Target. I love the colors and the craziness of it, but it's also a bit challenging to find pieces that go with it. For example, the sweater I'm wearing didn't really go, but I just kinda went with it lol! Sometimes you know something doesn't look quite as "perfect" as you would like, but to me, somehow the imperfection works. YOU just have to make it work! :)

I also can't get enough of  wedge sneakers! I have 3 pairs that I bought from gojane.com. That website has awesome, funky accessories and shoes. I've been in love with wedge sneakers ever since the 90's as a child, when I saw someone wearing a platform wedge version of Chuck Taylors! I was in love!!! I love the tough look of a sneaker, yet it gives you the height of a heel. Love the mix of the 2. The wedge sneaker shoe keeps coming in and out of style, but I'll always love them. :)
While we are on the subject of shoes, let me just say: I do NOT like to wear flats. Crazy I know. I know they are comfortable, and I WANT to like them, but I feel they are just not ME. 
The only "shoes" I wear that are flat, are flip flops and my faux Ugg boots. So, most likely you will never see me wear flats or flat shoes in my photos. Unless they are the two types of shoes I mentioned above.

(Funny related story:) We were at Target, (hubby and kids) and we were checking out. I found 2 pairs of shoes on sale. One was a wedge sandal,  and the other was sparkly black flats. Yes, it was shiny and it was 9.99, so I was like, eh, let's try it. At checkout, my husband said something along the lines of "Seriously, please don't buy that." He said nothing about the wedge sandals. I gave him my "look" (the evil eye) and I put the flats off to the side and didn't get them. I was pissed because I wanted to try them since I did not own any flats. But in a weird way, I was glad he stopped me because flats are really NOT my thing, and it's not true to my style! (I had no idea that he HATED flats too! I knew he didn't like them, but didn't realize the hatred, haha!)

I am trying to stop myself from buying any more printed denim and wedge sneakers. So far I am doing a good job. So far...but, I'm still kicking myself over a pair of jeans that I didn't get at Marshall's. The color was oxblood, a dark red/maroon color and it faded into another shade of red, in an ombre effect. It was perfection and I totally regret not getting it.

What are you currently obsessed with?

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    1. Thank you! I followed you on both! Look forward to your posts! :)

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    1. Thank you! Your blog is great! I left a comment on your newest post! :)

  3. How stylish the wedge shoes is, love them, did you purchase them at http://www.upere.com/?

    1. Thank you! I bought them at gojane.com, where they have the affordable versions :)