Forever 21 haul

On a recent online shopping adventure, I was able to save $41.63 at Forever 21's 50% off sale items! I love Forever 21. It's already an affordable place to shop, but the sale on top of the sale was just too good for words. So here are the items I scored! 

Purple/black faux fur vest with leatherette sash
Original price: $42.80
Sale price: $20.99
I PAID: $10.49!
I never really had faux fur anything, and don't usually like it, but the color of this and the sash won me over.

Royal Blue and Fuchsia chunky knit sweaters ( with colorful belts included!)
Original price: $22.80
Sale price:$7.99
I PAID: $3.99 each!!!
I love bright colored sweaters. The second one looks red in the picture but its a bright pink color.

Chevron striped peplum dress
Original price: $19.80
Sale price:$15.64
I PAID: $7.82!
                       This dress is very short on me. VERY. I will probably wear tights/leggings.

Colorblocked bodycon skirt
Original price: $12.80
Sale price: $5.99
I PAID: $2.99!!!
I love colorblock everything. It has a way of flattering your figure.

Patent platform sandals
Original price: $22.80
Sale price: $10.99
I PAID: $5.49 each!!!
I love platform shoes, and always have since highschool. They always go in and out of style in the fashion world, but to me, they never go out of style. To me, platforms are classic, and part of my personal style. 

(I also bought 2 essential pleated tops, which I paid $2.49 each, and 2 essential longline camis, $3.80 each which are not pictured.) 

So the sale price total was: $98.16 and $3.69 tax. Shipping was free. I ended up paying $56.53, and I used a gift card I had. Not bad for a total of 11 items.

Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores. I personally find it easier to shop online, because when I go in the actual store, I am overwhelmed because their store is HUGE! It's also more convenient for me since I have kids and all, and I tend to find really good sales online.

So what was your  latest and greatest shopping adventure in which you saved a ridiculous amount?!?! Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear about it! 

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  1. Those are some great deals! I love those sweaters and I bet you'll be able to use those belts with other outfits. Thanks for linking up!
    Penniless Socialite

    1. Thanks Tara! Yes, I will be putting those belts to good use, I am a belt fanatic! :)