My 2019 Best Nine From Instagram

I meant to put this out on the last day of December 2019.
But better late than never right???

The last year of the decade has come and gone just like that.
I might do another post about all the craziness that is my life
from 2010 till now...

But back to why I am here right now is this lovely collection of photos
that Instagram has deemed "MY BEST NINE" 

On one of my recent posts on Instagram, I talk about how I've been on Instagram
since 2012 or 2013, and how I feel like an Instagram Grandma...
(If you don't know already, I post more on Instagram regularly than on here and you can follow me @1.jenesaisquoi.1)

I'm not surprised by some of the posts, but I am surprised that some of my outfit posts 
are on there...hahaha!

If you care to know, here's a little more info behind the photos:

Top left photo: This "Ryukyu Dancing" wall is at Kokusai Street in Naha, where you can find many many cool walls...

Top middle photo: Night time at American Village 

Top right photo: Inside Vongo & Anchor cafe in American Village

Middle Left photo: I was driving and I saw this pretty storage crate decorated with the Japanese characters for "Okinawa" 

Middle middle photo: A beautiful blue sky day with clouds at "Happy Cliff"/Kafuu Banta

Middle right photo: More street art at Kokusai Street inside Makishi Market area...

Bottom left photo: My work outfit...

Bottom middle photo: The beautiful display at Moon Beach...

Bottom right photo: A random outfit photo trying to match with the flowers at 
Peace Prayer Park in Itoman...

Still can't believe it's ALREADY 2020...
I will REALLY try to post more regularly on this blog...PROMISE!!


Not Dressed As Lamb #ShareAllLinkUp

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