A Classic, Casual-Dressy Outfit

...And just like that it's April...I must say it every year, but I always have every intention of blogging more often, but it just doesn't seem to happen no matter what...life and etc. etc. is always what it is...
I've also been working on something really important to me right now, and I'm still working on it so...I can share what it is when I'm finished with it! ...it's also a scary time in the world right now, so that doesn't help much... :(
...as much as I like having this blog, it seems to always be pushed down to my lowest priorities...maybe because over the years I've lost a few followers or it just doesn't seem like anyone "really" reads my stuff...*shrugs* I don't know but it's kinda discouraging...I guess more than anything, I keep this blog and post for myself, to help myself, and maybe, just maybe, it can somehow help others too...you might ask "help others in what way?" Well, I started this blog mostly because of my love for style, fashion and outfits, and the importance of "getting dressed"...it might seem shallow for some, but I really believe it's an important part of life. Taking care of yourself and putting clothes on that makes you feel good about yourself is life changing...it gives you confidence you never knew you had...when you don't know what to say, you can always say it with fashion...

This outfit is probably my favorite type of outfit: It's classic, it's casual and a little dressy at the same time...

Top, Hat and Sunglasses: F21 // Skirt: Base Exchange (local store) // 
Sandals: Shimamura (local Japanese store)

Thanks for reading!

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