Leopard Print Skirt

Skirt: Banana Republic Factory // Top: Target (old) // Sandals: Old Navy //
Hat and Sunglasses: F21 //

I actually ordered this skirt back in March online, and it kinda became the summer "it" item. I started seeing many fashion bloggers and people on the gram' wearing it...oh well. Haha! I say "oh well" since I don't really LOVE wearing those "super trendy" or hyped up "it" items... I actually don't really like leopard print in large doses, but I bought this skirt to wear something other than jeans with my graphic tees. Although I'm pretty sure you could easily wear this skirt as a dressed up outfit, I'd rather dress it down, and use it for casual looks.

I plan on also wearing this when the weather gets cooler...maybe with a sweater and some boots. I love using clothing for all seasons, so I will make it work. I guess the leopard print craze isn't going away anytime soon! I believe everyone now is obsessed with camo print and snake prints now! :D  I wonder if cow prints will ever be trendy??

I kid, I kid. Kinda. Not really.

In other news, I also had an awesome brunch and dessert on this day.

This was both from the Aeon Rycom Mall in Okinawa, Japan. Brunch was at Lanai Cafe, and this lovely strawberry treat was from Godiva inside the mall.

As I write this blog post, I'm a bit sad that summer is coming to an end. It all just went by so quickly and I realize that time in general, goes by too fast. I'm trying to make every effort to spend time with loved ones and do everything I've always wanted to do and avoid drama and anything toxic to my mental health. I just want to enjoy life, and I'm trying my very best to do so.

Are you into leopard print skirts? Are you sad that summer is coming to an end? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading. :)


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