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Dress: Old Navy // Kimono: F21 // Sunglasses: gojane.com // Shoes: Shimamura (Japanese version of TJMaxx) Necklace: gift from hubby 

My obsession with kimonos continue...
They are so comfortable and light, and I love the flowy look it gives when the wind blows...extra points for having fringe like the one I have above... :D 
They also go with many different outfits...with jeans, shorts, dresses, etc...which is another reason to love kimonos...
I will probably hunt down ones that I really love, and buy a few more.... :D 
I love lacy and sheer ones, but I also saw some cute ones on Forever 21 online...
Happy kimono hunting... :) 

(...And just in case you're wondering where in the world I am, this is the Nakagusuku Castle in Okinawa, Japan, one of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Okinawa...)

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