Forever Flower Fields (Cosmos To Be Exact)

Okinawa, Japan is known for its abundance of flowers and especially flower festivals. At this flower field however, there are no festivals, but a whole ton of Cosmos to take a million pictures of. :D
The flowers are in bloom from mid-January till the beginning or middle of February I believe.
There is no cost, and you are free to roam about the path as you please, but there is a specific area for photography, and an area designated for actually picking the Cosmos and taking them home. Last year, you could take as many as your heart desired, but this year, it was only 20 cosmos per person. :)

Here are the 20 pieces that I took home! (They actually lasted a little over a week!) :D 

.....AND here's the outfit I wore for my Cosmos field adventure. :) 

Jeans: Calvin Klein // Top: Gap Factory // Vest: Uniqlo //
Jewelry: F21 // Boots: 

Thanks for reading! If you're in Okinawa or plan on being in Okinawa around January or February, I highly suggest you check out these beautiful Cosmos Field! 

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