Joggers: Casual And Dressed Up

Casual Look With Joggers

Dressed Up Jogger Outfit

Let's talk about joggers shall we?

The way they are so comfy and effortlessly cool.

The way they are so versatile, you can dress them up or down.

You can find all sorts of colors and even some crazy, cool patterns.

Sadly though, I cannot find a good pair for myself.

I honestly look ridiculous, and they look like sloppy pajama pants on me.

I am convinced that I have just not found "the one" yet.

A good jogger is hard to find, kinda like finding a good man. 

And I've managed to find a good man, so I'm confident that I will find at least one pair of good joggers. :D

I am kinda bigger on the lower half, and those kind of pants cling and are not forgiving on my 
worst parts. 

I have to find one that is not too tight, but not too baggy either. 

Oh, and can we talk again about how versatile they are?? 

I am all for using clothing for multiple occasions/styles, like I did in the polyvore sets above.

I love how casual they are, and you can wear them for a casual look

without looking like a slob.

Then for dressier occasions, you can add heels and a nice top or statement necklace.

...And I also want to wear some other type of bottoms besides jeans! 

I always wear jeans, so joggers would do me some good! :D 

...My quest for the perfect jogger is still ongoing....

I'm gonna order one online from Target and I hope it's the one!!

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd truly appreciate it!! 

xo, M 

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