Attention Military Wives: What To Wear...

Military Wives: What to wear for Husband's Homecoming

Military Wives: What To Wear For Your Husband's Reenlistment or Promotion Ceremony

Military Wives: What To Wear To The Commissary

HUSBAND'S HOMECOMING: You haven't seen your husband for 6,7,8,9 months or a year or even more, and he hasn't seen you. Pretty much, you should look hot. So wear what makes you look hot. NO, not stripper heels and mini skirts, save those for later that night, if that's your thing. Wear a nice dress, like the one pictured above. Or a skirt, with a nice top, or pants with a nice top, if you don't like skirts or dresses. The outfit I put together above is something I would wear. The jewelry shown are not meant to be worn all together, I just wanted to showcase a variety of options. :) 

DO'S: Pretty dresses, not too casual, not too formal. 
Nice top and skirt or pants
Cute shoes, (heels or flats depending on comfort level)
Cute jewelry, accessories
Smoky eye makeup, (or natural looking makeup if the smoky eye look isn't your thing) 

DON'T'S: Clubbing attire. Mini skirts, mini dresses, bra top, crop top, etc. anything that shows too much skin. 
Stripper heels, boots. 
Ball gown.
Full face clown makeup.
No makeup.
Jeans, T-shirt. REALLY.

Just remember: You want to look good for your husband, but not overdo OR underdo it either. :D 
Just don't go to either ends of the extreme. Too dressed up, and not dressed up at all. Master the art of the "just right", especially for your husband's homecoming. :D

HUSBAND'S REENLISTMENT OR PROMOTION CEREMONY: 2 words. Business Casual. The outfit I put together is simple but very appropriate. Pants or slacks, and a nice top, or sweater is good. Add on some nice jewelry, bag and shoes and that's it. For the love of God, please don't wear jeans. Jeans are too casual for this type of event. You wouldn't wear jeans to a job interview right? BUSINESS CASUAL. This isn't a job interview, but it's an important time/accomplishment for your husband. 

DO'S: Pants, slacks, nice top/sweater. Nice shoes, mid-heel or flats. Jewelry/accessories that compliment outfit. BUSINESS CASUAL. 

DON'TS: Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, anything you would wear to the beach, or anything too casual.
Ball gown, formal looking dress. Just don't look sloppy or go the other direction and look too formal, like you're going to the Ball. 

.......AND THE COMMISSARY....(lol) This to me seems like a no-brainer...but time after time, I'll see wives strolling around the commissary in their pajama pants, and furry house slippers, and a few of them wearing their husband's green silkies(!!!!) and green PT shirts. Really. I'm gonna go ahead and say that these wives either don't give a f$ck, or really think it's okay. I know a few times, I've had to go to the store for a few things, wearing my workout clothes :( but I think that's more forgivable than wearing sleepwear in public.) A few excuses might be....."I wasn't feeling too well," or "my kids are sick and I've been stuck in the house, and didn't feel like changing..." There really is no excuse to me, because it takes 2 seconds to slip on a pair of jeans, and half a second to slip on a pair of flip flops. T-shirt, jeans, and flip flops are perfectly fine as opposed to flannel pj pants and pink furry slippers. You'll get away with that bed head too, it's fashionable. :) 

DO'S: Anything casual. 

DON'TS: Pajama's. Slippers. Husband's PT Gear. 

I hope this was helpful for all the military wives out there looking for ideas. I've been a military wife for more than 10 years, so I guess you could say I've pretty much seen it and experienced it all! Lol. If any of you have any questions or other topics you want me to discuss, please let me know! :) Thank you for reading.


  1. this is such a beautiful ,cool post and great tips!
    my prayers go to all the men and women serving in the military !!!
    may they all come back home safe !!