5 Minute Makeup Essentials

Okay, so this is my FIRST beauty/makeup post.
Let me just say, that I LOVE makeup as much as I love fashion.
I started wearing "smoky" eye shadow and perfected the technique
at age 13! YES THIRTEEN!
But nowadays, with 3 kids and not always
 having the luxury of putting aside
20, or 30 minutes for a full face of makeup,
I have perfected a 5 minute technique 
for a natural, no-makeup, makeup look. :)

Here are my essentials:

1.) Moisturizer. I have combination skin, with some dry areas, and 
my skin is acne-prone, so this Clean and Clear one works great for me.
It's sometimes hard to find the right moisturizer for your skin.

2.) BB Cream. I just started using this one from Loreal. 
The coverage is sheer but it still covers enough, and it's 
natural looking. When I need more coverage,  
(or I have more time), I use MAC Studio Fix.

3.) Concealer. VERY important for me, because I have dark under-eye circles,
and some blemishes to cover up. I use this Revlon PhotoReady one, which
is creamy and doesn't dry up.

4.) Blush. I think using blush is so important. It brightens up
your face and gives you that youthful look! :) I use NARS in Orgasm.
It's a great natural color.
Just don't over do it! :)

5.) Eyeliner. I usually use black or brown, but sometimes I will go for 
a different color, like blue, green, or purple.
I usually just line the outer corners of both bottom and top. 
The one pictured here is from Sephora. I like this one because it's soft and blends well.

6.) Eyelash curler. Soooooo important in my book!
It makes a HUGE difference in how your lashes look. This one is from Sally Hansen.

7.) Mascara. One of the BEST masacaras out there. With a good price.
I used to get the Dior mascaras, 
then I tried out Maybelline and realized they are just as good, if not better! 

8.) Eyebrow Kit. I found that filling in my eyebrows with these 
work better than using a pencil. The color doesn't match exactly,
but it's dark enough. If I use a black pencil, it looks too harsh, so this is 
a good alternative if you have dark brows like mine.

9.) Lip Balm/Gloss. I'm not really a "lipstick" person,
and I prefer gloss or this lip balm from Maybelline that I bought recently.
At first I thought this was too pink,
but I actually started liking it. :)

So here is the end result to my 5 Minute-no makeup-makeup look! :)

Natural looking, but not completely bare-faced! :)

Here are the products used:

What is your quick makeup routine like?

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