Stripes, Bows and Faded Jeans

Top: TJ Maxx
Cami: F21
Jeans: (Old) L.E.I
Heels: Ross
Necklace, Spike Bracelet, Rings: F21
Clear Bracelet: Target
Sunglasses: Nine West

I have to say: I love old, faded, ripped up jeans.
I know it's something not everyone loves,
but I love the way it looks, 
and how comfortable they are.
The bottoms are funny shaped.
I  purposely did them that way.
I ripped them up myself years ago,
and attempted to make a v-shape...
eh, it may look weird to some, 
but I don't really care. :)

And as for the top, it may look like
just an ordinary striped top, 
but turn it around 
and you will find 
3 cute bows. :)
I like cutesy in small doses.

Have a great Thursday!


the Grant life


  1. What a cute top! I always find great things at TJ Maxx!

    More Modern Modesty

  2. LOVE that top! So cute! And your haircut is so cute! Thanks for linking up to Copy Cat Closet this week! So glad to have you join!

  3. love your outfit! great accents =) I totally wouldn't have noticed the v'ed jeans, haha

    1. Thank you, yeah, you kinda have to stare at the jeans to see the v-shape lol.