90's V I B E S

White crop top: F21 // Black lace cami: Nasty Gal //
Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: Shimamura // Bag: Old Navy //
Accessories: F21 

I have to be honest: at first when I was putting this outfit on, I thought I was going 
to look ridiculous because I haven't worn this 90's trend since...I was a highschooler in the 90's....
(insert laughing emoji...)

Ehhhh...I figured, what the heck? 
I try it on, and lo and behold, I actually kinda liked it.
In fact, I LOVED it. 

I don't know exactly what I loved about it so much, 
but just the fact that it felt so "FUN" and I felt youthful...hahaaaa

I probably could've chosen a better bag to go with 
the outfit, but honestly, these tote-type bags that fit everything
is so convenient for me because I usually have a bunch of random crap that 
I have to carry/take and it's easy for me to just throw everything in...

Oh. And the white tee doesn't "have" to be a crop top of course...
I chose to buy the crop top because I didn't want the extra bulk in the tummy area...

I linked the exact white cropped top below, and a few other ones ranging in steal/splurge prices.
I also linked several black camis,  I couldn't find the exact Nasty Gal one I was wearing...

Do you like/have you tried/would you try the white top/black lace cami 90's trend?
Or do you like other 90's trends?
Let me know! 
Thanks for reading!


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