What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear...(Casual Edition)

Tshirt: Gap // Jeans/Sunglasses: F21 // 
Sandals/Bag: Old Navy // 
Necklace: Target //

We all have those days when we just DON'T KNOW 
what to wear...(even when we have a closet full of clothes...)
It might be because you feel uninspired or 
"you just don't feel like anything looks good"...
or everything seems "blah"...

This has been happening to me lately, and it's frustrating...

First of all, I've lost some significant weight over the last few months,
 and most of my clothes now are too big, and I feel like I
look ridiculous in most of my clothing now...especially my tops/shirts...
I do have some that actually fit me well now, but for the other shirts/tops that I still love 
but are too big, I just tie it or gather it to make it fitted...

I'm getting off topic, so let me get back to what I was saying...

To some, (like tired or busy moms)
this "outfit idea"
might be a no-brainer, 
but over the years, this has happened to me quite often, 
and to try to avoid the frustration,
I have a go-to casual outfit when I'm feeling uninspired 
or just don't know what to wear...

It's a bright colored tshirt/top, statement necklace, distressed jeans
and lace-up sandals...
(statement print bag is optional, unless you don't already have an everyday bag)


It might not seem too impressive, but for me, it's been a life-saver...
This is literally one of the easiest outfits you could put together and 
it's NOT yoga pants, or workout clothes or athleisure clothes!! 
(Not that I DON'T like these clothes, I just try to avoid these outfits if I can help it!) 

Of course it doesn't HAVE to be a bright blue tee, it can be any color you have or like!
A stripe tee or graphic tee could work too. 
Then adding a statement necklace or even a simple necklace would work...
And as far as shoes, it could be lace-ups or slip ons, 
or your favorite pair of go-to shoes that match anything...

At the end of this post, I'll share some ideas for blue tees, statement necklaces 
and jeans all under $50...
(My outfit is old except my jeans and sunglasses, 
so I selected similar items 
you can browse...) 

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