Unexpected Finds, Unexpected Prices, at Unexpected Places.

You will never guess where I bought all of this makeup in the above photo:

The Dollar Tree.

Yes. Each for one freakin' dollar.

I was surprised as well. In most of these stores, you will find certain things by chance,
but if you frequent these types of stores more often, you will find many awesome deals you didn't expect to find.
Besides the obvious stores like Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross, don't forget about Burlington Coat Factory, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree. There are so many deals to be found like cosmetics, hair accessories, storage, home decor, kids decor, and seasonal items.

These nail stickers were also from Dollar Tree. :O 
(I bought 3 other varieties not pictured) 

My daughters love butterflies so I thought the large ones would be perfect as is on the wall, or I could also use it as a stencil to create my own butterfly art on canvas. 
I was going to make a garland out of the butterfly cutouts. :)
With your imagination, the possibilities are endless! :) 

If you frequent Walmart, I'm pretty sure you've seen these, and I'm pretty sure many of you already have some of these. These already reasonably priced statement necklaces were marked down to 5 dollars. Some other stuff was marked down to one dollar.

Here is one I actually purchased. :)

And here are the earrings I found for a dollar, and a really cute tassel necklace for 3 dollars. :)

I also found these sweatshirts for $5 each at Walmart. :)

Don't forget to check out home decor stuff as well. These were only $7.00 each, and I'm actually working on DIY designs on these with paint markers. :)

 Some new items, (not on sale) but still great prices, (only $4.88 I believe). These chevron pouches are for keeping your smaller items dry while at the pool/beach. Super cute!
...and this beach bag/all-purpose bag was only 18.88!
I was actually going to buy this, but realized I already have a new, big, all-purpose bag already! :D 

 This bow-tiful top was from Ross. It was too cute, I couldn't resist!

 These were also from Ross. Couldn't resist for only $9.99! (Tops, and straws included!)

 I was surprised to see Kate Spade at my TJ Maxx!
If you love KS, you need to frequent your TJ Maxx!

 The photo above is actually just a collage I made for Instagram showing Oliver Gal's art, but you can find them for decent prices on myhabit.com for $85-89......

....but apparently Homegoods have the better deal! I found this one at my Homegoods for only 20 something to 30 something dollar range!

So there you have it. You can find good deals on awesome things everywhere, 
you just have to know where to look! :) 

Xo, Marie

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