The Awesomeness of TARGET.

Target's Bag Game

Color Blast At Target

Unless you've been living in a cave or living underground with the groundhogs, you already know how awesomely divine Target is, or shall I say the whole 'Target experience.'

The moment you walk in, you smell the aroma of Starbucks...frappuccinos and lattes...the very tempting, evil, overpriced coffee drinks which most of us have no business drinking. Then you walk right into the Dollar Spot, and more than likely, you will end up picking up a few items, even though you damn well know you don't really "need" them, but just HAVE to have it because it's so cute, and you see so many people post the cutest photos of them in Instagram under the hashtag #targetstyle and #targetdoesitagain. I'm guilty of it and admit it, most of us gals are!!

I've been a Target shopper for years, and they have improved like crazy, especially the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. They are much more fashionable, and many of the items are designer inspired. The best part of course is the price. :) Let's face it, many of us just don't have the luxury of throwing away a thousand bucks on a purse. Yikes.

Well back to the subject of hand, about Target's bag game. Holy craparoonski.
I love the variety, the different styles, the different colors. Something for EVERYONE to choose from. For every occasion, and in every size imaginable. It can't get any better than this folks. I'm not being sponsored by them or anything, but I totally applaud them, because this is the best they've done so far, as far as bags and purses go.

I also own a few of these already and always get compliments on them. I plan on getting the pink laser-cut flower wallet, and the black/white/blue Celine inspired bag. I think the bow ones are really cute too, but a bit too girly for me. :)  Right now is also the perfect time to shop because they have a 20% off a $75 purchase on clothing, shoes and accessories! :)
Happy Shopping!! :)

XO, Marie

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