What's Up

Well, what's up is that I haven't been posting any outfit posts lately. This little blog of mine has been put on the back burner for awhile, but not because I wanted it to, you know. I'm not really a superwoman, or a supermom and I can't juggle a thousand things in my two hands. I guess I just wanted to take a break from it too.

What I do have pictures of though, is my new hair! Well maybe not "new" exactly, but refreshed and cut shorter! I got my roots retouched, and had it cut a bit shorter than last time. I wish I could just program my hair to stay like this so I don't have to back every 3 months to get it like I want it! I do like long hair, but on other people! I think I'm just way too lazy and strapped for time to style/take care of long hair.

I actually have lots of cute summer outfits that I have that I "should" be posting soon, so stay tuned for those!
And, I have some other exciting things coming up too, so stick around and I'll be posting about them soon!

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