Polka Dots and Pops of Pink

Shirt, Bag, Heels: Target // Leggings, Earrings: F21
Hat: Wet Seal // Rings: gojane.com // Bracelet: Charlotte Russe 

Happy Monday Everyone! (Well maybe not for everyone, but for me since today is my day off.) As I have mentioned before, "days off" for me is still not really "days off" since I have to run around and go run errands and clean the house. But I will not complain because I was a "stay at home mom" for just about 4 years, and now I am not, so I'm very well aware of the difference. Now that all of our kids are a little bit older, I would rather be a working mom. Although I've heard people say "why would you work if you are able to stay home?" It's of course a personal choice, and I was always the type of person who's wanted a "career", and right now, I am working on getting more experience so I can have that career. My mother did not work after she had me and my sister, and I always remember her encouraging me to have a career even if I got married and had children. I want to pass that on to my daughters--that it's possible to have a successful career with marriage and kids. To me one of the most important things you can teach your daughter is about independence--not having to rely on a man to "take care of you." With good education, girls can reach for the stars and do whatever they please. :) (.....that was my rant of the day.......lol)


Rather simple, and casual.
Can't go wrong with black and white, polka dots and pops of pink.
I have to admit though, those heels hurt like a.....
Well you know.
And my short hair is growing VERY fast,
I think I might have to go in for another trim or cut again.....
because I certainly am NOT putting up with long hair any time soon.....


WatchOutForTheWoestmansstillbeingmollymonday mingle
Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 7.10.22 PM"DCinStyle


  1. So sweet! Love black and white polka dots with pink!

  2. :-) The shoes are cute. And I'm sure they were very uncomfortable as most heels are. I think women are lying when they say their feet doesn't hurt. lol. Just used to the pain. Being independent is important for everyone,for both daughters and sons . Enjoy your day!

    Who is that girl Mo?

  3. love that heels, i looked at target online but it's already out! :(

    1. Really? I got these on clearance at the store, it was a while back though.