Orange You Glad It's Fall?

Tshirt, Hat, Sunglasses: F21 // Pants: Base Exchange // 
Bag: Old Navy //

I apologize if you cringed at my seasonal pun.
I thought it was PUNNY.
You are most likely not here for my strange sense of humor so I'll stop it.

You're here for my crazy orange pants maybe?
I call this my crazy clown pants because they ARE rather huge.
And orange.
But I kinda love them. 
And they were on sale.
I don't think I've ever owned a pair of orange striped pants
and just hearing that makes me think "EW"
but again...I tried these on and I was like "OH!"
And I actually liked it.
I also tried on a pair of rainbow striped pants, and 
although I did like it too,
I thought those were pushing it just a little too much...haha! 
Or maybe I'll change my mind again, because I think they are 
still available on sale for about $6 I think...

This is why I always believe you should try stuff on in the dressing room
even if you're not sure about something because you never know, 
something might look awful on the rack but look good on you,
or vice versa. 

And PS. There is no such thing as FALL on a island like Okinawa.
(As you may already know, because I've probably mentioned it about a million times in 
previous posts...) :) 

You know I HAD to take a selfie with these dried flowers in the bathroom of this burger cafe!

This place called "Boasorte" had some REALLY yummy, juicy burgers.
The beef was of really good quality.
The inside of this place was just vintage heaven!
There were so many cool knick knacks everywhere.

...And this is one thing (out of many) that I love about Okinawa cafes...
the outside usually looks like this.
So. Much. Love!


Not Dressed As Lamb #iwillwearwhatilike link up

(AND PS:) 
I linked some similar items (all under $100) from my outfit! Check them out! :) 

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