Obsessed With Lip/Mouth Print Shirts?

Jeans: American Eagle // Shirt: Nasty Gal // Shoes and Bag: Old Navy // Sunglasses: F21 //

Whew. As I'm FINALLY writing this, the month of August has flown by, kids just went back to school yesterday, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by how FAST summer vacation has come and gone. Once again, I'm feeling disappointed in myself that I didn't accomplish much this summer when I supposedly had "MORE" time with the kids being home...I don't know, I feel like I tried to think of something "fun" to do with them every other day, and keep them entertained...I mean it's 'summer vacation' after all, and they are supposed to do fun things...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too selfish for thinking "I" need a vacation from summer vacation
 or I need a vacation from mom life...

I am very well aware that my time-management for doing "mom things" kinda suck,
but I blame that on my "Okinawa-time attitude", kinda similar to island-time,
anyone who's from an island knows....
...So I am STILL working on improving that...

A N Y W A Y S....

Let's talk about crazy mouth print/lip print shirts! 
This one that I LOVE so much is from Nasty Gal,
and what's not to love?! It's pink with sequins.
I have many other face/lip/mouth/eye shirts and I love 
the weirdness of these prints. 
There is something about these prints that just makes me love them 
so much. 
I love the fact that I am able to pair the top with my favorite
 pink heeled sandals too...

Apparently many of you thought this outfit was pretty awesome too,
because so far, this is my most liked outfit on Instagram... :D 

Check out similar tops in the link down below...

The exact shirt is sold out, but here are some other cute options to choose from. 
Hope you get yourself a cute lip shirt too! :) 

Thanks for reading! :) 


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