Old School Vibes: Bomber Jackets

Jacket, Rings, Sunglasses: F21 // Jeans: American Eagle //
Top: Gap // Boots: gojane.com (old) 

What can I say? I am all about those old school vibes. In High School, every cool kid had these types of jackets with the school/team logo, and growing up in Okinawa in the 80's, I remember seeing every design and color with "Okinawa" printed on the back with a cool dragon embroidery and etc....

Like with almost everything else, these retro jackets are in style again, and why shouldn't they be?
I love the style of bomber jackets, and I decided to get one in this pale pink color in contrast to the more masculine styles of bomber jackets...because pink is always fun anyways. I never go wrong with pink for anything. And also, I found this under the "outlet" section on Forever21 online. Did you know there was such a thing?! Because I didn't until I stumbled upon it one day...they have even better prices for cute stuff...and while I am on this topic, why are older women ashamed of shopping at Forever 21? I've read about this online, and it just confuses me....is it because of the name of the store "FOREVER 21" ?? Like they take that literally and stay away because they aren't 21 and younger? I get it, I know many styles of clothes they offer are really "young" and some clothes/items are made really cheap, but just like everything else in life, it's a hit and miss kinda thing...luckily over the years I've found many clothing/items that turned out to be pretty good quality...I think I will make this topic a separate blog post, so to be continued...

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