2016 Best Nine (Instagram)

Can't believe I'm saying it's almost the end of 2016...

I think it's safe to say that I've grown to a certain age where I will not say that
"this year sucked" even though at times it felt like it did, I know better than that now.

I will say that about those times that I thought "sucked" was horrible in the moment,
but afterwards, I took it as a learning experience.

As time goes on, I also realize that I grow into a better version of myself.
I don't care if anyone who knows me, disagrees with me, because some probably do, but I know
myself, and I can honestly say that I've evolved for the better.

As a much younger person, I cried very easily and got upset very easily.

I still cry and get upset but not in the same way...I try to naturally let myself feel whatever emotion I'm feeling, but at the same time, "talk" to myself to control it in the most logical way possible...

At times, I still "lose control" of what I'm feeling and how I deal with it, but overall, thinking in terms of the bigger picture, I improved.

The biggest blessing in all of this is, (and proof) is also that I get less migraines now...

It's unfortunate that some people don't understand migraines, don't take it seriously, with how much pain it causes, and just make fun of people who have them...

I'm aware of all the prescribed medication out there, that is supposed to help...
Call me stubborn, call me crazy...call me WHATEVER....

For me, exercise, eating healthy, keeping stress under control and just having a happy mind keeps the migraines at a minimum....I want to naturally avoid them, and I DO NOT want to EVER depend on prescribed medication...I do use over-counter meds, but I don't want to use anything too powerful, because honestly, I worry about myself with developing an unhealthy dependence and addiction...

WOAH. This post got personal FAST. Yikes. 
Ok, enough personal stuff.

I always tell myself not to get TOO personal, since this IS a public blog.
(hahahhahhahhha) Where's the laughing emoji?!

Let's talk about the REAL reason for this post, my best nine from Instagram!!! :D

I'm not surprised at all that most of my liked photos are of Okinawa's sky and sunsets!
Okinawa's skies are just magical, and I've seen some pretty spectacular clouds!
Of course I could be biased, but ask others, and they will say the same! :D

The picture I am surprised at getting a lot of likes is my birthday photo in the middle.
HAHA! Still don't know why, but maybe it's because of the flowers or the cool skull design
on my gift bag that my sister drew!

As for the other photos that got the most likes, the outfit photos, it's actually really funny
that these got the most likes because these outfits are the ones I probably put the least amount of
thought into. Especially the white shirt and jeans.

As I always mention in my blog, I spend more time on Instagram, but I think I am going to
try to blog more in 2017, (at least more than 1 post a month!)

I enjoy writing and creating content, but sometimes I end up getting more personal than
I want, and overshare than I want, so I have to focus on keeping it more about the fashion, or
outfits...I also want to do more traveling posts, or Okinawa posts I should say...
well I'll see what I can come up with!

Thanks for reading, and see you in 2017!!

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