Summertime Sadness

Top: Old Navy // Shorts: Old...?? // Shoes:
Bag: Old, F21 // Sunglasses: Target // Necklace: groopdealz or //
Bracelets: Various....F21, groopdealz,

Summertime sadness.....Actually, I'm not sad at all!!! Haha!! I just used the title of the Lana Del Ray song because it sounded cool. I realized that I did not blog at ALL for the month of July....(sad face, sad face.....) but I did have lots of summertime fun...hanging out and spending time with my family at the pool on weekends or doing whatever....just relaxing with them. I am so thankful to have a job where I am off on the weekends so that I can spend time with them, whereas before I was not so fortunate. 

This outfit is a typical weekend outfit for me now, since Monday through Friday I wear business casual type clothes. I bought a whole bunch of these cute Old Navy shirts on sale, and this is one of them. I actually don't like wearing shorts, because I don't like my legs, but my legs are so pale, and I want some color on them, so I gave in and started wearing shorts more often this summer!!

I've mentioned this before, but working a full-time job, and kids and everything that comes along with being a grown-up, it is DIFFICULT for me to find the time to do EVERYTHING I want. I know I know, we have to MAKE time, but I suppose I just have a hard time making TIME!! :( 
I realize I make excuses, and I'm always just "saying" I wanna do this and that instead of just doing it. Like now. I'm typing these words instead of taking action. For example, I've been wanting to get in better shape, but unfortunately I ended up gaining about 10 pounds from LAST summer, and this summer the extra 10 is still here, just hangin' out. :( 

So.....I still have much more to do on improving myself....and although I love this little blog I have of mine, and would love to blog 5 days a week like I used to, it's probably not realistic for me right now. It doesn't mean I will not blog at all, but I will post an unpredictable post here and there. But if you would like to check out my daily work outfits/style inspiration, check out and follow my instagram!! My user name is 1jenesaisquoi1. 


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