Gwen Stefani Style: Part II

Yes, I've been absent from the blog for quite a long time. Lately I have been uninspired 
by my outfits and quite frankly uninspired by anything.
The weather here is still very warm and I'm still wearing "summer" clothing.
I've purchased a few pieces for "fall" and the colder weather, but they are still sitting in my closet.
I've been feeling frustrated lately, and have been dealing with personal struggles,
that I'm not going to really get into on this blog.
To sum it up, it's pretty much the "wanting to do it all, but not having enough time to do it" syndrome.
That just means your time management sucks.

But anyways, enough about that!
Let's talk about how awesome Gwen Stefani's style is!!!!
I have a very popular post about her here,
and I wanted to share some pics of her again.
Did you know she is expecting again?!?!?
She hasn't officially confirmed it, but 
I saw some recent pictures of her in a gown with her holding her tummy!
Congrats to her and Gavin! :)

 photo xoxoMarie_zpsd8d5231e.jpg


  1. Gwen is my style crush! I love her style. That's great about her being prego again. :-)