Easy Outfit 101: Jeans, White Tee and A Sweater

Jeans and Gold Lace Up Flats: Old Navy // White Tee: Target //
Sweater, Necklace, Elephant Bracelet, Sunglasses: F21 //
Beaded Bracelets: Gift from sister-in-law, handmade in Haiti 

I don't think I realized the value of a plain white t-shirt until recently...
It's probably the easiest item of clothing to build an outfit around....
It can be used for any outfit, casual and even a dressy outfit...
It's especially good for "throwing on" 
for those days when you either don't know what to wear
or don't feel like wearing anything. (insert laughing emoji) 

It's a good mom outfit.
You know, looking casual but still put-together without overdoing it
or underdoing it...
White T-shirt. Jeans. Sweater. Accessories. Flats. Done. :D

Oh. And my deal with flats...
I actually hate flats. But I'm not gonna run around town 
 with my heels and platform wedges.  
So I wear flats for convenience, and I'll only wear 
flats that are "extraordinary" hahhahhahaahha.
No basic flats for me. 

The beauty of this outfit is that
you can wear any chunky sweater cardigans of any color.
Every color will go with jeans and a white t-shirt.

Here's a few examples of different color sweaters that can be worn
with different accessories and lace up flats.

Jeans, White Tee, and Sweater Options

Easy outfits are the best outfits. :D


pleated poppy

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