The $5 Dress Worn As A Top.

Dress worn as top: Walmart (!)
Leggings: (old) Wet Seal
Wedge Sandals: Target
Bag: F21

That's right, that dress worn as a top is from Walmart.
Originally 9.99, but only $5 freaking dollars on sale.
That's right, I have no shame in my cheapskate game.

Every once in a while Walmart will have something
surprisingly cute and "Un-walmart" like, if ya know what I mean.
Lately their selection of necklaces have been awesome as well.

I have much appreciation for nice, quality fashion,
but honestly I have more fun finding very inexpensive 
pieces that stand out.
I have no shame about wearing a $5 dress/top from
Walmart and you shouldn't either!
Especially when it looks like this!


What are some of your awesome Walmart finds?!?!
Let me know in the comment box. :) 

pleated poppy