Pink Tropical Paradise

Dress: TJ Maxx // Heels, Sunglasses: //
Bag: Target // Accessories: and //

Let me just say right now...
I love dresses and skirts, but I don't wear them
as much as I want to because...
I hate my legs...hahahahahaa....
....I'm slowly starting to come around, and I guess
just wear them because, hey, I'm not getting any younger,
and I suppose I should just 'like' my legs
because they are mine after all.

But anywho,
I don't want to talk about my legs, let's talk about
the awesomeness of this dress!!
Love everything about it, from the color to the adorable 
little pom poms on the bottom!
This totally screams vacation dress, but I'm going to wear this
as much as I can because I love it so much!
And of course I found this at one of my favorite stores, 
TJ Maxx!
I can always count on them for super cuteness!!
This dress was only 16.99.
That was the other best part of this dress!!!



pleated poppy