Modern Ladylike

 Top, skirt, necklace, bracelet: // Heels: //
Bag and sunglasses: Target 

This was actually my Mother's Day outfit that I wore out to a family dinner.
I got tipsy off of ONE chocolate martini.
My drinking game is definitely off. 
Anyways, I call this look "Modern Ladylike" because it's not your
typical ladylike look, and it has hints of edgy-ness, which is more of my style.
Since I started working a full-time 9-5 job, I find myself wearing more
"girly" things, such as flowery stuff, since it's 
easier to incorporate into a work wardrobe than edgier stuff. 
I don't mind the change at all. It's actually very fun going a little girly sometimes.
I've also been very obsessed with 2 daily deal websites that always has
a BUNCH of cute stuff. and groopdealz. 
These two sites feature deals from other online boutiques at very good sale prices.
I'm going to say that these two sites are responsible for my now very extensive 
statement necklace collection. :D 
But...I don't really mind at all.......
Oh, and another thing I am obsessed with right now....are these awesome
pink heels from 
The biggest reason being that they are surprisingly very comfortable!!!
(Which is the most important thing for me with heels!!)
So try the modern ladylike look. Wear a bright colored top with a flare skirt, and
some edgy heels, and bag. That's all there is to it!! :) 

Marie, xoxo

pleated poppy

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