Hot Pink, Stripes, and Sequins

Cardigan: F21 // Top: Old Navy // Jeans: TJ Maxx //
Booties: Nine West via Ross // Bag, Sunglasses: Target  //
Necklace: lulu' // Bracelet, Rings:

True Story.

My husband and I both had a day off on a Monday, and while the kids were at school, we spent the day together. We went to a furniture store to look at kids bedroom sets, and we noticed one of the sales ladies, who we thought worked at a different furniture store right next door, that was more "higher-end".  A few months ago, we went inside that higher-end furniture store just for kicks, and she was the one who tried to talk us into having her "design our home" for us, even though we told her we were "just looking". We assumed she moved to this other furniture store because it did more business.

Anyways, long story short, and to be blunt, she was snobby. She complimented my cardigan, and said that she had one just like it that she bought from Saks Fifth Avenue for $300.00. Then she asked where I got mine, and I was like, "OH this? I got this really cheap for under $20.00 at Forever 21!!!" I'm assuming she didn't expect me to say that, so then she quickly changed the subject somewhat, and said, "Oh yeah? I also have a Micheal Kors purse in that same color!" O_O 

You could say I was amused.


Love, Marie xoxo


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