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So....lately I've been more active on Instagram...
I haven't been able to get outfit posts together,
or actually take good, quality, outfit posts.....

On these photos, I shared my shopping hauls (mostly from Target)
and the highlights of my outfits (which is mostly the top half of my body,
and statement necklaces)

1) The cheapest item
 (besides the ELF concealer) were the flats from Target. 
They were only $3.06!!!(It was a returned online item.)
The NYX butter gloss was $4.99, the stud and sequin iPhone case was
$8.99 from Ross, the Juicy Couture wallet was $39.99 from TJ Maxx, and 
the necklaces were only $4.99 each from Groopdealz!! 

2) I'm wearing a super cute kitty top from Forever 21 and 
a necklace from Groopdealz.

3) My growing collection of statement necklaces.

4) My outfit of that day with stuff from Target, Forever 21 and Old Navy.

5) Cute stuff found in the dollar bin at Target.

6) Other purchases I made at Target. (All on clearance except for 
the workout top) I got the big pink star for 90% off during the Christmas 

7) Statement necklace and tunic top from Groopdealz!
I am loving Groopdealz these days!!

8) I really love this crazy maze sweater from Forever 21. Paired it 
with my very blingy statement necklace from Very Jane or

9) Paired with the same necklace again, and again with a Forever 21 sweater,
which was very fuzzy, and shed hair like a cat!!!

10) This AWESOME so very cute bag from Target. 
The best $29.99 spent so far this year. :) 

11) More cute stuff from the Target dollar bin!!!

12) Very pretty gold tea light holders I got on clearance for $1.88 each!!!

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  1. I love the tea light is so in dahhhling! xoxo Alyssa