Sunshine on a Sunday Afternoon

Sweater tunic tank: Charlotte Russe // Cardigan and Sunglasses: F21 // 
Leggings: Old Navy // Belt: TJ Maxx // Boots and Rings: // 
Bag: // Necklace: Wetseal // 

This outfit was actually from Sunday, when the sun finally came out!
The day before rained ALL day, and strangely enough, 
we stepped outside to this sunshine on Sunday....
it didn't last long though...
The rain came back Monday,
and it poured all day, all night, raining NONSTOP.
And now on Tuesday,
we were issued a tornado watch this morning, and the 
emergency sirens were going off.
Thank goodness though, that warning was lifted shortly after.

Anyways, last Sunday, this outfit was just for a quick trip to the store, 
and to get my son a haircut.
I used my iPhone to snap these photos since we 
wanted to get going, and I was just too lazy to take regular photos.
This outfit is really a brown outfit overkill, lol.
Sometimes I just really feel like wearing all warm colors together.
A dash of bright color may have went well, but I just really didn't 
feel like adding a contrasting color.
Since the colors were dark and neutral, I thought adding
gold accessories would be a good finishing touch.

 photo xoxoMarie_zpsd8d5231e.jpg

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  1. UGH! that's my biggest fear for sirens to go off however I'm not even sure we have them where I live. haha. Nothing really happens here.

    On a side note, I love your bag!


    1. Yeah, those sirens freaked me out! :O
      And thank you! :)

  2. Even though you stuck with the browns, I think the color of the bag is a nice little pop. That snake ring is so unique!! Thanks for linking up for Real Girl Style!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for hosting the linkup, it's always fun! :)