Neutral Colors and 5 Random Facts


Ruffle top: TJ Maxx
Blazer and Ring: F21
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Heels: Ross
Bag: Coach
Necklace: Wet Seal
Bracelets: gift from sis-in-law in Haiti

I kept it neutral with this outfit. 
I was thinking about adding a pop of color but couldn't find the 
right color, and I was running out of time to go and look for one, lol.
Then I step out to take these pictures and realize how FREEZING cold
it got. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, it was in the 50's but the wind was chilly! 
A few weeks ago, it was in the 70's, and
this was too much of a drastic change for me.
I can "deal" with the cold, but I can't deal with inconsistent weather.
It drives me completely bananas!!!

So I've realized my posts might be a little boring.
I pretty much post my outfits everyday and don't 
write about much of anything else.
So, I've decided to share... 

5 random facts about me:

1.) My first language was Japanese. Before the age of 6, it was my primary language.
When I started kindergarten, my mother was worried how I would do because it was an 
American school. Supposedly I understood English, but always spoke Japanese. 
I remember watching an old family video of us,
where my father was speaking to me in English, 
and I responded completely in Japanese lol.
Funny that I ended up "over-excelling" in English when I started school,
so much to the point where I nearly forgot everything. :(
My Japanese speaking ability now is nowhere near as good as it used to be. :( 

2.) I suck at cooking.
My husband cooks better than I do.
I guess my mom never really "taught" me, but then
for some reason I never really cared that much to learn.
I wasn't really interested in cooking.
I regret not learning because it would've saved 
me a lot of trouble now.
I am still trying to acquire good
culinary skills.

3.) I love to sing. And dance. But suck at both. HAHA.
As a kid, I always dreamed of becoming
a singer, or dancer.
I always loved trying to copy different voices of both females
and male singers.
Because of that, I still don't really know what my "own" singing voice 
sounds like because I'm always copying others.
And I still do that today, lol.
Which also explains my love for karaoke.
Pronounced "KA-RA-OH-KEH".

4.) Since 2 and 3 are stuff I suck at, #4 will be something I'm good at lol.
I am naturally athletic.
I usually excel in any sport I learn.
I am also a very competitive person when it comes to sports.
The more I practice and play the sport, the better I become.
At an early age in school, most girls didn't want to play 
sports for Phys. Ed. class
I was usually the only one who got all excited.
I loved Phys. Ed!
We got to play flag football, floor hockey, volleyball, handball, basketball, softball,
kickball, you name it, I loved it! 
I dreamed of playing sports all day instead of doing real work like Math and Science lol.

5.) The last one is a bit strange, 
but I have a dog's nose.
Meaning I have an outrageous sense of smell.
I can smell anything, anywhere, anyhow.
For example: 
(and I'm sorry to use my hubby as an example because he might read this...)
My hubby supposedly quit smoking years ago, but I know 
he has one every once in awhile when he's stressed, etc.
 or whatever the reason may be.
I know.... 
because my nose knows.
(Ha, couldn't help it I had to say that.)

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pleated poppy


  1. Your outfit is so cute.. The shoesss ohh the shoes!


  2. Love your pump. Great look.

  3. Great neutral color palette! That ruffled top is so pretty. I wish I could sing too. If I could have any talent in the world, it would be that! Thanks for linking up today. It was fun getting to know more about you.


  4. you look so chic - I love the neutral palette. My family is German and even though I can speak it just fine, in my family my parents speak german to me and I reply in english. it's just habit now!

    1. Thanks Franziska! It's funny how that works isn't it! I do that to people too...if someone speaks to me in Japanese, and I know they understand English, I reply in English. I only respond back in Japanese if they are clueless about English!

  5. Hello,
    Saw your blog on YOLO. I love this outfit, fashionably casual! I have never done "KA-RA-OH-KEH" but it is on my bucket list!

    1. Thank you! LOL! Karaoke is soooooo fun!! I love it! :)